Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hello! It's already, November, Quarter 2, and we're off to an excellent start!  Our behavior has been excellent as well as our academic focus.  We have applied for new leadership roles in the classroom, and we have different seats and table groups as well. 

In Math, we are working hard on place value, considering different ways to look at hundreds, tens and ones of a three digit number.  We are using place value blocks, calculators, and digital devices to practice our new skills. We have added the website "Moby Max" to assess weakness in math background and allows students to work remedially to shore up those weaknesses as well as move ahead when students are ready.  We use this program during Team Time in the afternoon. 

In Literacy, we are working on comparing and contrasting similar texts using Venn Diagrams. Our Reading Stations include Vocabulary: adding words, meanings and non-verbal representations (pictures) from text talk book to our vocabulary notebooks
Fluency: Rereading fluency passage of the week to a buddy daily
Word Work: Spelling City activities with Letterland words, "Scrabble Words" with Letterland words, Smart Board activity using spelling pattern being learned that week, Memory/Spell Letterland words with a partner, and writing words in ABC order. ABC order is a must do. Students are expected to complete at least 2 Word Work assignments each week with proof.
Comprehension: Students read a book and respond in their Reader Response notebook. They choose books from library and books from Raz Kids on the computer. I have limited their choices to the reading level they are on, one level up and one level down to allow for a variety of choices. Each student must complete 2 entries each week.
Students have a check-off sheet in a page protector sleeve in their Reading Folder. They check off their Reading Station activities each week and meet with me on Fridays to show what they've accomplished independently.
During Reading Stations, I call reading groups to the table to read and practice literacy skills with me.

Science this quarter is about weather. We will have an in-house field trip focused on this topic the week of Thanksgiving. 

We're still raising money for Fun Run competition. We will use the money for books students get for reading and filling out their reading logs monthly. Remember to send in your fund raising envelope soon. We're in a competition with the second grade for most money raised. Thanks for all you've given and all you do to support your child's learning! The students are well behaved and interested in learning. That's a huge positive reflection on you! Thanks so much. Have a great week! I'll keep you posted on Dojo!

One more thing: We created a rap about writing a paragraph. The site "Flocabulary" teaches vocabulary using raps. They saw the tweet of our rap, retweeted it, and sent us a personal tweet to tell us how much they liked it!!! The students and I were so excited!!! Follow us on Twitter: Donna Freeman@df0156

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