Monday, November 14, 2016

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend celebrating veterans. At the Lake, we're celebrating kindness instead of bullying. Here is a reminder list for what we'll be doing this week:

Monday- 'Put a Cap on Bullying' (wear your favorite cap in support of bullying prevention!)

Tuesday- 'Mix Match Day' (wear clothes/accessories that don't match to show that its' ok to be different!)

Wednesday- 'Be a buddy, not a bully' (find ways to encourage others-students and staff will be able to share positive post-it notes throughout the day!)

Thursday- 'Sock it to Bullying'- (wear colorful/crazy socks)

Friday- 'Unite Against Bullying'-stand together and wear your school colors/spirit wear!

Also, this Thursday is McTeacher Night at McDonalds in Wendell.  Come out and see your teachers work at a different job! A share of the proceeds will be donated to Lake Myra Elementary.

Taking a look at Math this week, we continue to work on double digit addition adding the expanded form to our toolbox of strategies.

In Reading, we are focusing on comparing and contrasting two non-fiction texts on a similar topic. We also continue to work on fluency and comprehension shown by written response to independent reading.

In Writing, we are writing paragraphs about non-fiction texts we have read. Ask your child to perform the rap we created explaining how to create a paragraph. It was retweeted by Flocabulary, and we got tweets back from 2 employees of Flocabluary complimenting our rap!

In Science, we are looking at weather, and more specifically, air this week. We experimented with coffee filter parachutes last week and have another exciting experiment coming up Tuesday. 

Finally, we have a science field trip coming up next week. It is only $8.00 due to the fact the scientists will come to us instead of us going to them!  We will have 3 of these field trips this year. You can pay for them one at a time, or you can pay the $24.00 in one payment.  You may send the payment in beginning Tuesday, Nov. 15.  The kids always have a great time at these in-house field trips!

We are working hard on focus and being in charge of ourselves at school. Please work on reading responses at home. Have a great week!

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