Monday, September 12, 2016

Ahoy, Mateys!
The LMES Bookfair is running all week until Thursday.  We will go tomorrow to preview the books and make wish lists. Students can bring money, or you may want to see their lists first and buy later on in the week.  Tuesday morning before school is "Muffins with Mom". Wednesday before school is "Donuts with Dad" if you and your child want to visit the bookfair together this week.

Remember, Thursday night is Pirate Fest! There will be excitement for the whole family from 6 to 8. I will man the bouncy house! Come one, come all for a night of fun!

There is a school wide reading challenge for this week. There will be a winner from each grade level as well as a grade level winner.  We could win if 2nd Grade wins or we could read the most in 2nd grade! So get those books ready! Record minutes on the blue reading log in the homework notebook and initial each night.  Only nightly reading will count on this challenge. Good luck all you pirates who read!

Coming soon: RazKids!  I was going to add it to the sites, but I left my password at school.  Be looking for it soon. It's a cool website where students will choose books to read on their reading level. They can highlight their text based answers in the book before they answer.  Stay tuned!

September 30 will be trackout day, early release, club day and report card day! What a day!  Let's keep working to encourage the children to always give their best. Have them talk about what they've learned and explain the details to you.

Have a great week of "piratey" fun!

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