Monday, August 1, 2016

Welcome to 2nd Grade!!!

We're off to a great start as we familiarize ourselves with the new schedule and practice rules and procedures. We had a class full of leaders today as we did a lot of information gathering. 

Newsflash! I forgot to send the Monday Folders home on Monday. If that is the only thing I forgot, well, it's been a successful day. They will come home tomorrow.  You will have forms to fill out and return if you were unable to attend Meet the Teacher night. They are new this year and have a sheet on the back for you to initial that you've received and viewed everything sent in the folder. Some things you will keep (on the Keep side) and some things will need to be sent back to school (on the Return side).  

We have a 6 day specials rotation this year.  The rotation will go as follows:  Art, Culture and Diversity, Leadership, STEM, Music, and PE.  We went to Art today. We won't have PE until Monday.  You can put this rotation on your calendars or you can rely on this post each week to update our specials for the week.  

We are learning homework procedures at school this week.  All homework will be completed in school for this week.  Next week we will send homework on Monday. You will have a check-off sheet to initial each night. Your students will be able to explain it thoroughly.  Each week we will have math, a comprehension passage with questions, and a free choice read and respond. Letterland words will be included for study/practice. This is significantly less homework than last year, but we will try it and see if we can make it successful. You can always augment by extra free choice reading and response, creating your own math problems, or practicing math facts to 20.  

As you view this website, keep in mind my calendar tab is not up to date.  This is due to the fact my calendar and I are separated at this moment, but I'll get it updated tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Communication this year will consist of a website update weekly and posts on Dojo during the week if necessary. If you have a transportation change, please notify the office instead of using Dojo. I will not check it in the middle of a school day.  

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful sons and daughters with me this year.  It is an honor to have them in my class. Have a great week!

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