Monday, June 27, 2016

Welcome to the beginning of the end...of the year at least!  Today we had our Specials celebration in the gym with games and bouncy houses.  Tomorrow will be our ice cream party. I'll bring the ice cream. You may send in a topping if you'd like.  I'll send back any unused toppings. Wednesday is the day to celebrate good citizenship for doing homework, neat desks and good behavior. Finally, on Thursday at 9:30, we have our school talent show for K-2. At 1:30 there will be a repeat performance for 3-5 students.  Our class will have its end of the year celebration at 2:30.  You are welcome to come and you may take your students home after we are finished.  If you'd like to send in cookies, chips or drink pouches, feel free to send them in any day this week.  Report cards go home on Thursday also.

Between all of our celebrations, we are still working hard as we review 2nd grade and take a look at beginning 3rd grade. This has been a great year, and it has been a pleasure to teach your children and watch them grow.  Have a great summer break!


Donna Freeman

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