Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  As you may know, I was out yesterday.  The sub had positive things to say about our class for the most part, although change is difficult and I'm glad to be back!

We are into our Butterfly Life Cycle Unit in Science and are observing our caterpillars.  We observe and measure them everyday, which is nice since we are studying measurement in math.  Our math test will be Wednesday.

Please take a look at the updated calendar tab.  On June 3, we are having a Volunteer Appreciation Lunch.  If you have volunteered in our class this year, please come and let us appreciate you!

Have a great week and have students keep reading! MClass testing is about to begin before long. They can practice by writing about what they've read. Please keep up with reading calendars, too.  We want to have 100% of our class reading 300 minutes each month!

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