Monday, May 9, 2016

Congratulations to everyone for the amazing Leadership Day we had on Friday!  Our class was outstanding as our guests observed our writing lesson. We discussed our opinions for our favorite habit, including the reasons and examples.  We continued the writing process as we completed plans, rough drafts, proofreading, editing, and publishing.  We synergized by reading to a buddy to get feedback before our final product.  The students were great.  They shared their Leader In Me notebooks with our guests and explained their writing.  Great job!

We also had a private time of sharing the greatness we have found in a friend and why we noticed it.  It was an incredibly uplifting experience for all of us. It was a wonderful end to the week where  I and the entire staff have been honored in such memorable ways. I will never forget this outstanding class, outstanding for academics and for amazing kindness.  You should be very proud of your sons and daughters.  This powerful positive attitude that pervades our class can be summed up in Eden's remarks as we finished our Mother's Day projects: "Mrs. Freeman, did your mom die?  Well...why don't you just make a gift for her anyway!"  That's a suggestion I will always remember and cherish.
Let's always respond to our hearts instead of our circumstances.

Have a great week! I see greatness in you because it comes out through your children.
Thank you.

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