Monday, August 8, 2016

We had a great first week! We know because we were all so tired!  We created a class mission statement, we listed possible roles we will fulfill in our classroom and around the school, and we had a taste of 2nd grade academics.  Monday folders will come home today.  Please remove the items on the Keep at Home side and review/return any items on the Send Back side.  Remember to sign the sheet on the back showing you received the folder and saw it's contents. It's rather tricky since it's on the back of the folder and easy to forget. Also, remember to check the calendar tab at the top for upcoming dates.

While we're getting accustomed to new procedures and routines, I want to thank you so much for all the supplies you have sent in. I feel so blessed to have you as classroom parents this year.  Also, for the first time in memory, ALL the students in this class are kind and respectful to me as well as their classmates.  They chose an awesome class mission statement:

We are kind.
We always do our best.
We are strong and and never give up because...
We synergize,
We work together!

So far, I can say that is an accurate picture of who they are.
Have a great week!

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