Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Count Down to the End of First Quarter!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler fall weather! We've been working hard learning new 2nd grade concepts. In Math, we've worked on 2-step word problems, odd and even, and now we are moving into place value to the hundred's place. We learned to decompose 3 digit numbers today in equations using our place value cards.  In Reading, we continue to work on comprehension strategies, fluency, and in Letterland, open and closed syllables.  The comprehension strategies we're focusing on at present are using Story Elements to understand and retell fiction texts. These are: characters, setting, problem and solution. In non-fiction texts, we're using text features to understand the facts we are learning. They include photographs, table of contents, headings and sub-headings, different types of print, bold print words, captions, diagrams, labels, glossary, and index. 

This is the week of the Book Fair and Fall Fest on Friday evening.  You should have received the flyer from the Book Fair today to preview books you and your child may be interested in.  Come out on Friday if you can and join us for games, fun and food trucks! Everyone had a great time last year, and this promises to be even better.

Remember, our first in school field trip is Friday. Please send in your money or pay online if it is more convenient. Thanks to those who've already paid. If this is a hardship, please let me know. I think the students will really enjoy it. They've worked hard learning about solids and liquids and really enjoyed the liquid races we had today. Scroll down for a reminder of dates and costs for field trips this year. Thanks so much! 

We have a lot of Level 4 thinkers in our class, but the thinking has to make it onto paper in independent settings for assessments. Please remind students that Level 4 answers on paper must be very detailed, correct and show deep thought. I'm looking for focused writing to get Level 4 work onto the page.

Remember next week, on Thursday night, is the 2nd Grade performance. We look forward to seeing the students' hard work and hearing their beautiful voices on stage.

Finally, parent conference day will be the day track-out begins. It is the day after report cards go home. The sign-up sheet will come home sometime this week. Be on the lookout.  Thanks for reading this rather lengthy blog post. Pictures will be coming soon!

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