Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One more thing I forgot to mention is the Compact coming home today. Please read the brochure and sign the red paper saying you read it. The red paper is the only thing that has to be returned. This is a school wide requirement for all families attending Lake Myra Elementary.  We are a Title 1 school and are required to provide this information. It is also available on the school website under Quick Links: Title 1.  Thank you so much for your effort to sign and return the red form.

The address booklet from Time for Kids is asking for 7 addresses so they can send them information about Time for Kids subscriptions. If enough books are returned with at least 7 addresses, the whole school receives Time for Kids for free.  Children who return a book with at least 7 addresses will receive a lanyard with a Garfield character attached.  I totally understand if you decline.

I think that's all for today!

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