Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sorry I haven't written lately. Due to a website update, I was unable to get in. I'm back now!!!

Are you ready for the Lake Myra Fun Run tomorrow? Our class will go down at 10:20 during our specials time. We are the "Lightning Bolts" because we are fast as lightning!  As you know, we do not dress up to celebrate Halloween at school, however, your child can dress up as a lightning bolt as long as he/she can still run easily with no dangerous edges.  We have had only two donations as of Tuesday afternoon so we haven't earned our T-shirts yet.  They are $10 dollars, and each class needs to earn at least $10 per student for everyone to have one. There are prizes for the class who raises the most money, but there is also a prize for the class who has the most students who raised money. So no matter how large or small, your contribution is most appreciated.  All the proceeds come directly to our school.  Thanks to our awesome PTA!!! You rock!

We're back this quarter running fast right out of the gate.  Everyone is working hard to achieve all they can. Please help by checking to see that homework is done, students get in bed early, and are eating healthy food to fuel their bodies and brains.

Thanks to everyone who came to parent conferences the day after track-out day!  I really enjoy touching base with everyone and showing the work the students have accomplished and also sharing the areas of need that individual students are working on.

The latest news in 2nd grade learning: In math, we're finishing up comparing three digit numbers, looking at which number is greater and which is less, and expressing them in different forms, We have looked at data tables on line about the state of NC and another state of our choosing. We have worked in partners and played games to practice and reinforce our concepts. 

In literacy, we continue to look at text features and how they help us comprehend the text, as well as story elements as a means of retelling a fictional story. We are learning how to write paragraphs. Ask you student for a lesson!

In Science, we have launched the Air and Weather Unit.  We have had a great time learning about air and air pressure by experimenting with air and water.

Have a great week!

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