Monday, August 7, 2017

Getting into Routine

As Week 2 gets underway, everyone is adjusting to new 2nd grade expectations and the new schedule.  We're all happy to know where we're going and when we get back!  I'm getting a handle on the double special days finally.

This week in Math, we continue looking at numbers as 10s and 1s using ten frames.  Last week, we compared the strategies of "counting all" and "counting on".  This week we have worked with the commutative property, noticing the partners in addition problems can trade places and still represent the same value.  Subatizing is a part of our daily routine where we learn that our brains recognize numbers in patterns faster than counting randomly ordered groups of ones (for example, dot patterns on dice). We've also added another "game" to our daily routine where students complete a circuit and earn a tens card.  They can count how many places they have moved by knowing how many tens cards they've earned plus how many ones their game piece is adding to the total.

In Literacy, we are taking a close look at using the beginning, middle and end as a way of retelling key details and story elements. We are also asking and answering questions as we read.  We've learned how to choose an activity from the Word Work station, Reading Comprehension station, Fluency station and Vocabulary station.  We are writing narratives, working on sentence structure, as well as paragraph structure.

Please note the Calendar tab at the top of the page is updated with important upcoming dates.

Welcome to homework and have a great week! : )

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