Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Winter, no Spring, no Winter!  Oh my! At least I know it's St. Patrick's Day!  I haven't been sick in years, but I'm sorry to say I was very sick with the stomach virus, followed by a tremendous cold. I'm on the mend now so I hope to be on top of things from here to the end of the year!

We had a great in-school field trip about Sound where the students did hands on experiments and got to take home some "gak". If you haven't paid the $8.00 for the field trip then it's probably my fault for being sick and forgetting to send the reminder home last week.  You can still pay if you haven't and I would be most thankful. (Don't worry. I'll send a reminder in the Monday folder if you haven't paid.)

Next week is our last week before trackout.  Homework is optional next week.  Many of you have asked for more homework to enrich or intervene for your child. I will send a few things home next week, but in Quarter 4, there will be more choices.

Academically, we are completing our Quarter 3 units.  We finished up our exciting unit of Economics in Social Studies with a bang! The projects were great! Our Science test is coming up the first of next week on sound.  Ask your child about sound waves.  We are also finishing our unit on triple digit subtraction.  In Literacy, we've been comparing and contrasting different versions of the same fairy tale and now different texts about the same non-fiction topic.  To prepare for the math test, ask your child to compare and contrast two strategies for solving three digit subtraction problems.  Also, we are writing poetry. I love this unit! Can't wait for them to publish their finished products.

Leadership Day is coming up in May. The 2nd Grade is in charge of presenting Habit 2, Begin with the End in Mind.  Our class has been asked to create and perform a rap about Habit 2.  We have written a rough draft and are making final changes.  Exciting times!

I hope you and your family stay well and warm. Have a great weekend!

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